Your First Assignment

Welcome to WRTG 213. We’ll interact as a class primarily through our use of the blog this semester, so let’s get started.

Your first assignment is to post a little about yourself here on this page. (Look below where is says "Leave a Comment").

Tell us about your educational goals, your future ambitions, and something about your life. Why are you taking this class, and what do you hope to gain from it? What have been your favorite classes and why?

Next, once you've done the reading for Unit 1, you’ll post your reading responses as comments on the "Reading Responses" page located in the menu above. After you’ve posted a response, you will reply and comment on other students' comments as well. Think of this as a kind of virtual classroom.

I will read all of your comments and post your grades in BlackBoard.  Feel free to comment on other students’ posts to say hello and ask questions. This is the place to get to know each other.

This first assignment will be worth 10 points.

Here's a little bit about me:
IMG_2603My name is Christie, and I grew up in rural Oregon. I graduated with a history/writing degree from Oregon State University (go Beavs!) and then lived in Aberdeen, Scotland for three years, where I studied creative writing (and Scotch) at St. Andrews University.  I left Scotland to move to Fairbanks, AK (thankfully, on the same latitudinal line, so I was used to the dark), where I completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from UAF.  I am currently preparing a collection of short stories for publication, and writing a novel (when I'm not teaching, that is).

I enjoy all forms of outdoor activity (hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting) but my real passion is hot spring soaking.  My favorite thing to do on a long weekend is hike into a remote pool, and soak for a couple of days under the stars.  In Alaska, my favorite spot is Tolovana (though the ten mile ski-in will kick your butt), and in Oregon I love Hart Mountain, where friendly antelope will chew holes in your clothes if you're not careful.

I have a ten-year-old son, Gus, who enjoys making weapons out of things he finds on his dinner plate, feigning death in public places, and building dog-propelled vehicles with our boxer, named Luke.


32 thoughts on “Your First Assignment

  1. Victoria Murdock

    My name is Victoria, and I grew up in New York and New Jersey, partly in North Carolina. I am 25 year old wife of a Warrant Officer in the Army and mother of two girls, with a boy on the way. My due date is around the time this class will end. My family started in North Carolina in 2012, where we then relocated to Hawaii. While in Hawaii I went to school for Medical Assisting, I obtained my certifications in Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, and EKG Technician. After our tour there we ended up in the lovely small town of Fairbanks in 2017. My educational goals does not stop at being a Medical Assistant, I’m currently completing pre-nursing qualifications. This class happens to be one of the qualifications, I plan to learn how to critically read, write, and analyze literature. I hope to apply to a Nursing Program by the beginning of 2020. So far my favorite classes have been medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and the clinical classes I’ve taken for MA.

    1. Olive Hager

      Wow, that sounds like you have a lot on your plate! You must be so organized to make time for all that!

  2. Olive Hager

    I’m Olive Hager. I was born in Fairbanks and have lived here for most of my life. I absolutely love it here. It’s my second semester attending UAF. I intend to graduate with a bachelor’s in accounting and to go on to become a Certified Public Accountant. I’m not much of a writer, so I hope this course can help me learn new writing techniques to expand my abilities, while fulfilling a requirement of my degree. My favorite class so far was Principles of Accounting due to a very down-to-earth and funny professor.

    1. Lindsey Paulsen

      I’ve never participated in any accounting courses, so I would love to learn more about that! I’m very bad with money and I appreciate when somebody has a passion for studies that involve mathematics. Kudos to you!

    2. Jerry Carroll

      I have taken an accounting class at the university and I liked it a lot. It was very interesting.

  3. briana shaffer

    Hello, my name is Briana and I’m originally from California but now live in Fairbanks with my husband. I am taking this class as a degree requirement and in hopes to improve my writing. This will be my second semester at University of Alaska Fairbanks and, I still don’t really know what I want to do. I’m taking baby steps and just playing it by ear when it comes to courses and future professions. It’s a little hard to decide what to do when most of my friends will be stuck paying student loans for most of their lives with a $30K annual salary and a certain sadness with their day jobs. I enjoy science classes and originally planned to go to University in California majoring in Crop Sciences. Hopefully, I will find my way here before I settle on just selling ice for a living.

    1. Lane Ito

      I also enjoy taking science classes, but I find physics classes a little too complicated. Also, I like how you are going to take baby steps with your future plans. Finally, I hope your writing skills improve as the semester progresses.

  4. dallred3

    My name is Daniel Allred, and I grew up in Arizona. I moved to Bethel in November of 2017 with my wife and dog. We are just finishing the process of purchasing a home here and plan to stay for several years to establish ourselves. This is my second semester at UAF where I am pursuing a degree in Nursing. I’m taking this class as part of my required curriculum, but I hope to gain better writing skills and a more analytical eye. My favorite class so far has been Microbiology. It was quite tough but I learned so much about microorganisms. I feel that the information I learned in that class will translate into the healthcare world very easily.

    1. Lindsey Paulsen

      I am also taking this class as a prerequisite to pursue a nursing career, and it’s very impressive that you loved it when it challenged you. I am the same way with my education, and I really appreciate seeing posts from someone with similar goals as me. Thanks for posting!

      1. Victoria Murdock

        I also love a challenging class. It makes me want to push myself harder and work harder to reach my goals. I hope we can all succeed in this course as this moves us closer to the next steps of applying to the Nursing Program.

  5. Lindsey Paulsen

    Hello all,

    My name is Lindsey Paulsen and I am 23 years old. I grew up in Tok, Alaska until I was 18, and then moved to Fairbanks. Alaska is my forever home and I plan on living here permanently. Throughout middle school and high school, I was bullied terribly in person and on social media for being overweight. Years of this occurred and eventually it was just too difficult, and I developed a severe eating disorder. This landed me in the hospital at 78 pounds when I was 17 years old. After two visits to an eating disorder rehabilitation center, I recovered fully and am now at a healthy weight. It was truly the most difficult obstacle I’ve ever had to battle.

    At Tok High School, despite my eating disorder, I graduated at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. This being said, I am very committed to my education and am quite excited about taking this course. My favorite classes in high school were all English based, such as British Literature Studies.

    For the next 2 years I will be taking various prerequisites before I enter UAF Community and Technical College’s nursing program. My hope is that one day I will be certified to work as a NICU/Children’s nurse, as I passionately care for infants and children. I’ve had several jobs working with small children and babies, and truly hope to excel enough in school and my career to obtain that goal.

    1. Victoria Murdock

      You are very strong! I too myself dealt with a lot of bullying while in grade school. Your determination and dedication will take you along way in life. From what I read from your post, you don’t let any obstacle stop you from succeeding. I believe that you will be very successful in gaining the certification to work as a NICU/Children’s nurse! Good luck to you during this class, and all your other.

    2. Miranda Jackovich

      Thank you for sharing your experience. You are a strong individual that I have no doubt can finish your goals. Even despite the things you went through, you didn’t let it affect you future. Good luck with class and life!

    3. Ashley Bolyard

      Thank you for sharing your story; you are very strong in doing so. It sounds like if you are able to pull through everything you have gone through, your hopes and desires will be obtainable with that kind of determination. Good Luck.

  6. Jerry Carroll

    My name is Jerry Carroll, I am from Fort Yukon, Alaska. I moved to Fairbanks in the spring of 2016. Right now I am trying to decide whether I want to pursue a degree in computer science or mechanical engineering. I think I am leaning more towards computers because a lot of things go through computers these days.
    When I have free time I like to play basketball at the Student Rec Center or in the local city league.

    1. Conall Birkholz

      Hi jerry! I’m sad to hear your picking computer science of mechanical! But in all honesty both are very interesting fields, and to my misfortune computer science jobs/careers seem to be in higher demand these days, good luck on the degree!

  7. Conall Birkholz

    My name is Conall Birkholz and I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering student here at UAF. I am born and raised in Fairbanks, but have some experience living internationally as I did a semester study abroad in Christchurch New Zealand. Academically I plan on graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and pursing a career in either renewable energy or in the defense industry. Literary communication is very important when working on huge engineering projects so I hope my scientific and communicative writing skills can improve from taking this class. Additionally I am part of the UAF Aurora Robotics team that competes in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition in Florida each year.

  8. Logan Borger

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Logan Borger. I’m from Anchorage, Alaska and currently a freshman here at UAF. I enjoy running, skiing, guitar, metal-smithing and hiking. As of right now, I’m planning on getting a BS for Mechanical Engineering. I would like to use this to work with renewable energy in the future. I’m interested in both geothermal and hydroelectric energy. I’m taking this class for the sake of progression and I believe that I will learn a lot of valuable communication and analytical skills. In the past, I have throughly enjoyed both writing and science classes. I have been lucky enough to have had exceptional teachers that were extremely helpful in learning the material, while also teaching critical thinking.
    I look forward to embarking upon the journey of this class with you all.
    Best wishes.
    Also, I’m reading Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King and it is almost as good as all of the Saws, though I’m just getting started.

    1. Lane Ito

      Hello Logan. I also enjoy hiking whenever I have the chance. Additionally, I must applaud your interest in working with renewable energy.

  9. Jesse Coulman

    My name is Jesse Coulman I grew up in Tok, and am currently living in Fairbanks. I’m a senior at UAF planning to graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering next fall. I work for the Department of Transportation and plan to continue working after graduating. My favorite classes I’ve taken so far have been traffic related classes such as Highway Engineering. Learning how highways are designed and constructed interested me and led me to pursue my career with the DOT.

  10. Lane Ito

    My name is Lane Ito. I was born in Laramie, Wyoming, and I have lived in Dillingham, Alaska for the past 19 years. I graduated from Dillingham High School in 2017, and I am currently attending my second year of college classes at the Bristol Bay Campus. I am working towards an Associate of Arts Degree, and I hope to eventually attend classes at UAS in order to get closer to that goal. My favorite classes so far are Biology due to the course having fun lab activities as part of the assignments. Also, Alaska Studies, where I was able to read essays on Alaska native cultures to the class.

    By attending this course, I hope to become a better scientific writer in case I have to write a scientific report in the future. I am still deciding on what to do in the future after I finish my AA. However, if I get a job in the science field, this course will be helpful.

    1. Ashlyn Lemons

      Hey Lane! I have only lived in Alaska for about 4 years now because the Army brought me up here. I haven’t heard of Dillingham, but I have heard someone mention Bristol Bay once or twice. Are those places way north like towards Barrow? I’m sorry I don’t know my Alaska geography all that well yet, but I love this state and want to learn so much more.

  11. Ashlyn Lemons

    Hey there. I’m Ashlyn and this is one of first classes at UAF. I am a full time student and also working full time at Sunrise Bagel. I am a sophmore this year because I transferred from American Military University. I am working towards my pre-nursing certificate and eventually will continue on towards my Bachelor’s in nursing. I served in the Army for 4 years and got out this past October. I worked in Bassett Army Hospital as a medic and got to learn multiple jobs around the hospital from optometry to physical therapy and even patient administration. I really liked being in the Army because it really gives you a good foundation and makes you appreciate your freedom as a civilian. My goals in life are to retire somewhere in the mountains (Alaska or Montana) with a small ranch so I can enjoy my grandkids, if I ever have any! I enjoy hunting and fishing and my boyfriend and I are working hard towards a happy life together where we don’t have any debt or any worries. I am a very simple person and enjoy the small things in life. I am excited to be here as it’s one step closer to my nursing degree. Have a great rest of your day y’all!

  12. Christina Beaver

    Hi, my name is Christina, I am a freshman. I have lived in North Pole my whole life. This is my first time taking an online class and am excited about it. My major is nursing but I have been thinking about changing it. I’m taking this class because it is one of the prerequisites for the nursing program. What I hope to gain from this class are better analytical skills. My favorite class has been the psychology classes. I find them really fascinating.

  13. Seth Packer

    Hey everyone! My name is Seth and this is my third year here at UAF. I’m originally from the illustrious 3rd largest island in the US, that’s right, Prince of Wales. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, no one has. the island itself has a population of 5 thousand people spread out between a dozen different towns. I play a lot of games, video games, card games, board games, hide’n’go seek, and I’m a recovering DnD addict (not really). My roommates recently adopted a husky puppy and we’re currently struggling through the teething phase, but she certainly keeps things lively. But I digress, it’s really nice to meet all of you and I hope we all have a great semester of writing.

  14. Amber Wofford

    My name is Amber and I am 25 years old taking classes towards my nursing degree. I took some time off after high school and am ready to learn. I am taking this class because it is a prerequisite and hopefully during this class I will become a stronger writer and not be as nervous to write in length. I was born here in Fairbanks and lived most of my life here, and I love it. I am a CNA at the FMH/Denali Center and I love it there, and all the great people I work with. I have a fiance and 2 big husky mixes that are my whole world and keep me busy. I’m sure this class will be great!

  15. Ashley Bolyard

    Hello there,

    My name is Ashley, and for about the last six years I have lived in Juneau, AK. For me, that is a long time since I grew up in two branches of the military. However, out of all the places I have lived, Juneau is one of my favorites. I love how green the Tongass National Forest makes Juneau, how snow-capped mountains join the ocean, and how fresh the air is.

    Living in Juneau, also, has been an added benefit that I have been able to work in my field of interest, pharmacy. Most recently I have been working at the hospital’s pharmacy as a medication history technician; this means any patient that gets admitted into the hospital, I will figure out what the patient takes at home for the doctors and pharmacists.

    If I am not working one of my three a twelve hour day, I will be studying for my math class and this class. Usually, I am leery about writing classes because I have always felt that my writing skills can be better. But after doing an accelerated writing course and getting back into reading for fun, I feel more confident in writing and am actually excited to take this class. I hope that this class will help my future studies in the sciences and in life to think more critically and analytically while gaining more confidence in writing scientific essays.

    I look forward to what this class has to offer.

  16. Rebekah Hamilton

    My name is Rebekah Hamilton, I am currently in the process of finishing my prerequisites so I can go to Nursing School and specialize in Oncology or pediatrics. I was born and raised in Alaska since 1998 and have not ever lived anywhere else but now my husband and I are relocating in May for his next duty station. I will be going back to school full time after we move so I can stay busy and get my degree faster. I took the CNA program in high school and started working at the Fairbanks Pioneer Home 3 months after graduation. I have a passion for the medical field that sparked when I was living in Seattle back in 2011 because my niece unfortunately was diagnosed with Leukemia at 3 months old. She will officially be turning 9 in June and healthy as ever. Living at the Ronald McDonald and being out of the Seattle Children’s Hospital day in and day out I grew to love our Nurses and saw how much of an impact they had on each individual family there. I want to be able to make that kind of difference. Writing is not my strongest suit but by taking this class I hope to change that and strengthen my skills.

  17. Makayla Duhon

    Hi everyone, my name is Makayla. This is my third semester at UAF and I am working towards earning my B.S in Physics with a Minor in Aerospace Engineering. I wanted to Major in Aerospace, but this university doesn’t offer it here. Ever since I took Aerospace Engineering in high school, it has always been my favorite subject. I have always been fascinated with outer space ever since I was young, and achieving this is my lifelong dream. I know that this profession is difficult but I have to start somewhere. This class, and all of my others, are just stepping stones on my long journey.
    I’ve only lived in Alaska for a little over a year. My husband and I were born and raised in Texas and moved up here for the military. We don’t have any children, but we do have a fluffy dog named Kira who loves to go on adventures just as much as we do. We hope to save up enough money to buy an RV and travel the world. We are both huge outdoor people and absolutely love the wilderness of Alaska. We still have a few mores years left here and I’m very excited to see where our future takes us.

  18. mjackovich

    Hello everyone, my name is Miranda. I was born and raised in Fairbanks. This is my 2nd year at UAF; majoring in Anthropology focusing in Archaeology. I’m taking WRTG 213 as my last writing class. The reason I choose this class was because I believe it would help me in Archaeology. Eventually I’ll have to share my work amongst archaeologist, and I believe it will be beneficial in the long run. I would say my favorite class this far is Intro to Archaeology. It gave me great insight in what I want to do in my profession. I signed up for field school last semester, and found out that it will be held in Peru. It will be held this summer. I’m excited to apply everything I learn to my major.

  19. Shurena K

    My name is Shurena! I am taking this class as part of working towards my degree, I have worked in healthcare almost 15 years. It has been a great career that has let me travel with my AD spouse as he pursued his career goals, but as that time comes to an end I am focusing on my career for a bit while we are able to stay in one place for a extended period of time. Although that may change like it always does.. LOL My end goal is to become a CRNA. I have worked alongside of many different types of healthcare professionals and working in the Operating Room is what my heart desires. I have worked places such as Labor & Delivery, ER, Radiology, Med/Surg, Oncology and the list goes on. Each new job offered the chance to learn new skills and I have been grateful for all the opportunities offered to me.

    Outside of my busy work life, I like to travel, hunt,fish, camp, take my dogs on new adventures.

    I have always found writing classes to be fun although personally i doubt my abilities as a writer quite a bit, I still enjoy the journey of learning. The book “Grunt” that we will be reading is one that has been on my list for awhile now. I have read a few other books from Mary Roach and have enjoyed them thoroughly.

  20. Travis Winterton

    Hello my are is Travis Winterton, and I am a UAF freshman who’s currently a major in computer science and minoring in art. I was origonally born in Yuba City California but then moved to Stuttgart Germany for a few years, and then moved here to Fairbanks in 2009. I graduated from North Pole Highschool in 2018 and now I’m here. Although I am majoring in computer science, my main goal in life is to hopefully become a concept artist and work in the art industry. Besides art i also enjoy movies, video games and I’m really big into comic books. While i’ve Always been a hard worker and student I’d admit that i never considered writing to be quite my strongest suit so hopefully taking this class will force me to stretch my abilities and make me become a better writer.

    I look forward to collaborating with all of you.

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